• Monday, July 9th – Melbourne Rubbermen Welcome Drinks
  • Tuesday, July 10th – Melt - The Roast of John Cheshire
  • Wednesday, July 11th – Rubber Trivial Hirsute
  • Thursday, July 12th – High Shine - Meet the Contestants
  • Friday, July 13th – Melbourne Rubberman 2018
  • Saturday, July 14th – Rubber Ball Dance Party
  • Sunday, July 15th – Rub Down Sunday Social


  • The Laird Hotel, Abbotsford
  • Eagle Leather, Abbotsford


  1. Marc Smith
  2. Nick Mayne
  3. Matt Shepherd


  • Ben Riethmuller
  • Liam Clark


  • John Cheshire – Melbourne Rubberman 2017
  • Will Gauvin – Slick
  • James Addinsall – Laird Leatherman 2017
  • Shane Morrison – Eagle Leather
  • Patrick Greber – Mr Australasia Bear 2016 / Mr VicBears 2016


  • Colonel Dark – Sir’s Lair Sydney

Contest Sponsors

  • The Laird Hotel
  • Eagle Leather
  • DEANation
  • Down an’ Dirty
  • Melbourne Rubbermen
  • RubberBRO
  • RubberPigs

The contest ran very similarly to the 2017 competition with the interviews again taking place at the Laird Hotel on the Sunday preceding the contest and the show nights consisting of Rubber Image, Flesh and Fantasy & Talent Rounds. For the first time this year, excerpts from the interview rounds were made available online to introduce each contestant during Slick week.

The Fantasy & Talent round this year was again very entertaining. Marc showed his true flagging colours with an homage to Star Wars, Nick lip synched up a storm to 'Defying Gravity' from the musical Wicked and Matt performing a bondage scene inspired by the Britney Spears track 'Breathe on Me'.

At the end of the evening, Matt was declared the third Melbourne Rubberman.