Only the first five contestants will be accepted entry in the contest. Anyone completing the form after these first five contestants will be placed on a waiting list incase of a withdrawal.

2018 Melbourne Rubbermen contestants wishing to enter in 2019 will automatically go onto the wait list and will only be entered into the contest if fewer than three applications have been received.

This form will remain online until Thursday, June 27.

Contestant Information

The contest takes place over four scored rounds.


The interview will be pre-recorded on the Sunday before the contest at the Laird Hotel, Abbotsford. Contestants will be asked a series of questions provided by the judges. The judges will then be able to view these interviews in their entirety - while portions of the interviews will be edited down to be shown on social media.

The interview is worth 30% of your overall score.

Meet the Contestants

The meet the contestants takes place on Thursday, the day before the contest. This round is a chance for you to mingle with the crowds and get to know the people who are there for the contest. Each contestant will be called up to the stage at the start of the night to answer a few questions so the audience can get to know who they are.

The meet the contestants round is not scored.

Full Rubber Image

The full rubber image round is the first round on the night of the contest. Each contestant will be introduced to the audience with an opportunity to show off some of their personal rubber style. Then each contestant will be asked a question to help the audience learn who they are as a rubberman more. When choosing what to wear for this round, think of the runway on RupPaul’s Drag Race when he says they’re walking the runway in their best drag.

The full rubber image round is worth 30% your overall score.


The flesh round is the second round on the night of the contest. Each contestant must prepare a look that showcases their personality, style and creativity while wearing minimal rubber. Each contestant will have a minute to work the stage, before being asked a question that will test their creativity and ability to think on their feet.

The flesh round is worth 20% of your overall score.

Fantasy & Talent

The brief for this round is simple. Each contestant has three minutes to put on a performance to entertain the audience. This can be in whatever format you wish, however please remember that you are bound by what is possible to bring in to the Laird. Please make sure to submit all music and technical requirements for your talent to no later than Thursday 27th June.

The fantasy & talent round is worth 20% of your overall score.

Contestant Waiver

By completing this form I agree to the following:

I am a male identifying Australian resident over the age of 18 years, residing in Melbourne or nearby surrounding areas.

I have not previously won the Melbourne Rubberman title.

I agree to participate in the Melbourne Rubberman (MRM) 2019 competition at the Laird Hotel, Friday 5th July 2019.

I agree to attend the Interview session on Sunday 30th June 2019 and the ‘Meet the contestants’ event on Thursday 4th July 2019.

As winner of MRM 2019, I understand that I will be a representative of Slick, the Melbourne rubber community and the primary sponsors: The Laird Hotel and Eagle Leather, within local and international rubber communities, and will do so with pride and professionalism at all times.

I understand that I must reside in Melbourne or a nearby surrounding area for the majority of my title year.

I agree to first gain approval from Slick should I wish to host or participate in any events in my capacity as MRM 2019.

As winner of MRM 2019, I agree to appear at MRM 2020 as a judge.

I agree that if I wish to compete at the Mr International Rubber contest in Chicago, that I will compete at MIR 24 (2020) - unless MRM’18 Matthew Shepherd decides not to compete at MIR 23.

I understand that failure to meet these obligations may result in the title being taken away from me.

I waive any claims against Slick, The Laird Hotel and any other sponsors, their owners, staff and agents for any loss or injury to myself or my possessions while participating in this contest or at any related events.

I release Slick, The Laird and Eagle Leather staff and agents for the use of any photography or video footage of myself that can and may be used in the promotion of or reporting of this contest or any related events.

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