What is Slick?


Slick is a community run event that is strictly non-profit. Our aim is to create a fun, rubbery space to help grow our community and give people something to look forward to every winter.

Slick was created by Laird Leatherman 2012 Ben Riethmuller and LLM 14 contestant Grant Maynard back in 2016 in order to help boost the rubber community.

As the community has grown, the responsibility of organising Slick has shifted into the hands of Melbourne's rubbermen and we are super grateful to the hard work that everyone involved has put in.


Who are you?


As of Winter 2018 we are Melbourne Rubberman 2016 Liam Clark, Former VicBears President Will Gauvin and Dave Rimmer. 


Can I Help?


Sure! Send us an email and we can see what we can do!